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更新日 2023.03.30







 日本に来て、ドーミー(寮)に到着すると、レジデント・アシスタント(RA)が笑顔で温かく迎えてくれました。さらに寮の使い方を説明してくれたり、館内ツアーをしてくれたりしたので、私の不安はすぐに吹き飛びました。彼らはとても フレンドリーで、いつも声をかけくれ、日常生活で困ったことがあればすぐに助けてくれます。なかでもマリンは、RAというよりも家族のような存在で、お互いの部屋で一緒に勉強したり、お茶したり、おしゃべりしたり、沢山の時間を共 にしています。そんな彼らのおかげで、私は楽しく日本で暮らせているんだと思います。

She is my family.

Mona Mojabi from Carfolnia,USA.

I used to attend an international school in Iran and a Japanese friend of mine introduced me to Japanese culture and many other things such as food.
Sailor Moon, in particular, was one of the first Japanese anime that I was interested in. I began to imagine that one day I would like to go to Japan and experience Japanese culture. Once I got older I began to study Japanese, in order to fulfill my dream.
However, I was gripped by fear before I came to Japan. When I traveled to other places, my family or friends were always with me. Japan was the first place that I had to come to alone and live with people whom I did not know.
In spite of the fact, I worked up my courage to make my dream come true.
When I arrived at the dorm. The RAs warmly welcomed me. Also, they explained rules and showed me around the dorm. Thanks to them, my nervousness slowly faded away. They are friendly, they always say hi to me every time I see them, and help me if there is something that I do not how to deal with in daily life. Especially Marin, not only is she an RA, but also someone that has become like family to me. We always have a great time, sometimes we study together, drink tea and chat in each other’s room. I have had an enjoyable time in Japan, and it is due to the RA’s always helping me with any issues that I have had to face.




"HAVE A BASE"をテーマに、学生寮・学生会館を運営する共立メンテナンスの特任チームが編集・発行する不定期フリーマガジンです。大学や専門学校への進学、留学、就職や起業など、これまでに経験したことのない世界に飛び込もうとする方に役立つヒントを詰め込んでいます。